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Nearverse labs is building a range of products on NEAR Protocol whilst providing our holders with the best service possible.

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Q1, 2022


Q2, 2022

Take Off

Q3, 2022


Q4, 2022

Build More

• Build a team of developers, 3D architects and artists
• Build a POC Metaverse NFT gallery home
• Make blueprints of all four gallery homes
• Build NEAR NFT Whitelist management tool Vulcan

• Launch Vulcan App v1.0
• Form NEARverse DAO
• $NVRS utility token launch
* Build staking platform for NFTs
* Launch NEARverse Podcasts and KYC services

• Metaverse gallery homes with wallet integration
• NEARverse Explorer Map
• Team expansion: Hire from the NEARverse DAO
• Integrate more utility into Vulcan App

• Groundwork and legal compliance checks for Project Zeus
• Start Project Zeus development
• Integrate more utility into Vulcan and release v2.0
• Cross-chain implementation
• NEARverse, the Metaverse Expansion
• Assess market and plan for 2023

** Project Zeus is a healthcare utility DApp that attempts to solve real-world problems

Vulcan Platform

whitelist management tool

Vulcan is a Whitelist management platform that allows projects to manage their Whitelist easily. The platform users can claim and manage all project Whitelists in one place. More utilities like Raffles, Dutch Auctions, and Collab Management are being integrated.

Our NFT Collection

Launched on Utopia LaunchPad

Mint Price 12 Near
Supply 2000
Mint Date June 18, 2022

Meet Our Team

Meet the team that's shaping and defining what it means to be a creative, forward-thinking company.

Tej Mirthinti

Chief Executive Officer

Demilo Alanis

Chief Strategy Officer


Lead Developer

Alexsei Avramchuk

Senior Developer

Jurgien Mehillaj

Unity Developer

Rajesh Challa

Lead Designer


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